A Sorrowful & Surprising Summer

September, 2018 I’m driving north on Hwy 41 for probably the 800th time in my life.  I toggle between Relevant Radio and WKLH and when Africa comes on I turn up the volume. Loud.  And sing along. Loud. It’s not pleasing but that’s okay. There are no kids rolling their eyes, moaning “Moooom” as if … Continue reading A Sorrowful & Surprising Summer


The Bittersweet Good-bye

I cried from Bismarck to Minneapolis.  It wasn’t pretty.  I laid on the seat in the third row of our SUV heaving, sobbing, snorting, blowing.  I grabbed tissue after tissue from the box and left a wet spot on the pillow. I tried to cry quietly because I didn’t want the kids to hear but … Continue reading The Bittersweet Good-bye

When the World Roars: A Love Letter to Soccer

When the sun comes up each morning and I sip my coffee quietly while reading the newspaper, I see that the world is a messed up place.  People in one place are killing each other and over there another elected official has done something immoral or heinous. There is hunger, homelessness, uncontrolled fire and sadness. … Continue reading When the World Roars: A Love Letter to Soccer

We are 25!

and the two shall become one flesh (Eph 5:31) Two became one on  August 7, 1993, and today that one turns 25.  Here's what I've learned marriage is: still looking forward to him coming home from work feeling comforted when I see him lying beside me in the night using "we" more often than "I" being … Continue reading We are 25!

Job Opening

Position Title: Somebody Immediate opening. This ongoing concern is looking for a person with a variety of skills.  This position is varied and never dull. Job description:  We are looking for an individual who is always ready to jump in and help out.  This person must be able to handle a variety of low-skilled tasks. … Continue reading Job Opening