A Sorrowful & Surprising Summer

September, 2018 I’m driving north on Hwy 41 for probably the 800th time in my life.  I toggle between Relevant Radio and WKLH and when Africa comes on I turn up the volume. Loud.  And sing along. Loud. It’s not pleasing but that’s okay. There are no kids rolling their eyes, moaning “Moooom” as if … Continue reading A Sorrowful & Surprising Summer

The Bittersweet Good-bye

I cried from Bismarck to Minneapolis.  It wasn’t pretty.  I laid on the seat in the third row of our SUV heaving, sobbing, snorting, blowing.  I grabbed tissue after tissue from the box and left a wet spot on the pillow. I tried to cry quietly because I didn’t want the kids to hear but … Continue reading The Bittersweet Good-bye